Review: Lightsphere Universal (clear)

Flash photography has never been a strength of mine. Particularly fill flash.

I had been looking at diffusers and searching for posted photos created with each. I had been particularly interested in what I had seen done with the Gary Fong Lightsphere. But then you start reading all the comments and reviews done by the ‘haters’ of anything with Mr. Fong’s name on it, which gives you reason to pause.

But when I would go back to the photo sharing sites and search for Lightsphere photos I was impressed by the results I was seeing.

I liked the Universal version of the Lightsphere because I have a couple of flashes and it will fit all of them, so it gives me some versatility.

My typical need for fill flash came up the other day. I had been asked to shoot some publicty photos for a play and they wanted to shoot them on stage. But all I had to work with lightwise was an overcast sky at 7:00pm (CT) and my flash (Speedlite 430EX). So I put the Lightsphere on, with the opaque (white) dome, and pointed it staight ahead.

Here is a photo taken using a flash:

And another taken without a flash:

I did not have time to take the Lightsphere off completely for a comparision shot, sorry.

Someday I’ll have the chance to try the Lightsphere in an indoor setting and will post the results then.

What I need to learn now is when to lower or increase the power of my flash as this shot would have been better had I lower the flash output by 1/3 or so. But as this was my first outing with it I was extremely happy with the results. Yes, the Lightsphere is midly expensive but so was my Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 lens and I would not do with out it either!

If you need to use a fill flash outside the Lightsphere is the answer!

Get yours here: Gary Fong Lightsphere Universal System – Clear


Update 02/06/2009 —

I still enjoy using my Lightspheres, particularly as I learn more about when and where I can use them effectively.

I have learned that the ‘Cloud’ version is best for indoor work with people involved. Creates a better skin tone. The clear works well for product shots and outdoor portraits (when you just need a fill flash).


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